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Respiratory Pathogens

ISIDORe  preparedness action

A large number of pathogens target the human respiratory tract, resulting in a broad spectrum of clinical manifestations including life-threatening acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). While serious respiratory infections are predominantly caused by RNA viruses, other types of pathogens can be involved. The modes of transmission of respiratory pathogens often give them a significant epidemic potential.

The ISIDORe consortium supports scientists with an interest in these respiratory pathogens.

Researchers are invited to submit any proposal that:

  • Can be advanced by access to at least one of our services,
  • Falls under one of the following sections (see SCOPE), and
  • Is focused on at least one eligible respiratory pathogen, excluding SARS-CoV-2 (see below and full ISIDORe PPP list).


Access to In vivo models will only be granted to applicants with projects demonstrating sufficient justification (including in vitro evidence and choice of model) for using animals for scientific purposes.

For access to Regulatory advice services, please select the Section closest to your countermeasure of interest.

Services such as Access to clinical samples and Access to clinical trials are not available for this call.

Please consult our full service offer here.


Your proposal must align with at least one of the Sections below:

Section 1: Surveillance & epidemic management
Section 2: Natural history of infectious diseases / Deciphering & understanding pathogens’ biology, host-pathogen interactions and host responses to infection
Section 3: Diagnostics
Section 4: Therapeutics
Section 5: Vaccines
Section 6: Social sciences & epidemiology


Your proposal must focus on at least one of the following pathogens (to see the full list of ISIDORe PPPs, follow this link):

ISIDORe PPPsComments and/or limitations
Zoonotic betacoronavirusesIncluding but not necessarily limited to SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV. Proposals focused on pan anti-betacoronavirus approaches are strongly encouraged. Proposals cannot be solely focused on SARS-CoV-2.
Influenza AOthers influenzas, including zoonotic ones, are eligible for support in projects proposing pan anti-influenza approaches applicable to influenza A. Such proposals focused on pan anti-influenza approaches are strongly encouraged.
Y. pestisThe focus for ISIDORe’s scientific programme is pneumonic plague. Only sections 2, 3 & 5 (Pathogens’ biology, Diagnostics and Vaccines) are open for Y. pestis. Proposals aligned with Section 3 & 5 must focus on improving either the diagnostic or prophylaxis of pneumonic plague. Proposals solely aligned with any other Section will not be evaluated.
M. tuberculosis / bovisOnly Sections 2 & 4 (Pathogens’ biology and Therapeutics) are open for M. tuberculosis and M. bovis. Proposals aligned with Section 4 must focus on therapeutic approaches that demonstrate efficacy against multi-drug resistant tuberculosis and/or show evidence-based potential for reducing the emergence of resistant strains. Proposals solely aligned with any other Section will not be evaluated.
C. burnetiiNone
Table 1: ISIDORe PPPs and their possible limitations.

While Nipah virus can cause acute respiratory illness, research focused on this pathogen is supported through the RG4 call for proposals.


To submit your pre application:

  • Please make sure that you have read (and comply with) our scientific strategy and eligibility conditions 
  • Prepare your ORCID number. If you do not have one yet, please go to orcid.org to obtain your own in a few clicks
  • Please make sure that your project aligns with ISIDORe PPPs and one of the research sections of interest
  • Prepare a brief description of your request (500 characters max)
  • Select the service you want to apply for from our catalogue
  • Fill out and submit the ISIDORe pre-application form at the bottom of the catalogue page of interest. You will receive a notification with your ISIDORe project number as well as additional guidelines for the preparation of your full application.

For multi-services requests, we’ll be happy to help: please contact us

To submit your full application:

  • Follow the guidelines you received along with your ISIDORe project number.
  • Your full application must be submitted within 6 weeks upon receipt of your ISIDORe project number.

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