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Integrated Services for Infectious Disease Outbreak Research

Do you need specific research services, tools or resources to advance your research in infectious diseases?

ISIDORe provides an integrated portfolio of cutting-edge research services and resources to study epidemic-prone pathogens  including SARS-CoV-2 


A New Approach to Pandemic Preparedness & Responsiveness Research in Europe

The COVID-19 pandemic has confirmed that there is a crucial need for a higher capacity of preparedness and responsiveness to epidemic-prone pathogens in Europe and globally. Launched in Spring 2022, and complementing the data-centred BY-COVID, ISIDORe offers an unprecedented One Health-driven, integrated portfolio of research services and resources, ranging from the most fundamental to the most applied, and including social sciences, to advance the study of epidemic-prone pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2

We provide free of charge access to cutting-edge resources and services to support research projects in the field of infectious diseases in “peace time” as well as during outbreaks, epidemics or pandemics.

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