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A new ISIDORe paper has been published with the participation of the BY-COVID project entitled “Umbrella Data Management Plans to Integrate FAIR Data: Lessons From the ISIDORe and BY-COVID Consortia for Pandemic Preparedness

The paper outlines the process of developing a community-approved living document aimed at pandemic preparedness and responsiveness research. This process involved an iterative, step-by-step approach, with a focus on identifying best practices and processes using real-world use cases as proof of concepts.

International forums such as RDA and EOSC, along with the BY-COVID project, played a significant role by providing registries, tools, online data platforms, standards, and support from data scientists. These resources were instrumental in creating a comprehensive and FAIR-compliant Data Management Plan (DMP).

The DMP serves as a flexible framework aligned with FAIR principles, with the potential for application in other large-scale, challenge-driven projects. The paper also explores the enhancement of data management and reuse through the use of knowledge models in DMPs. Additionally, it suggests the establishment of an inter-RI network of data stewards to build a community of practice, which can be integrated into planned trans-RI competence centers in the future.

Read the full publication here