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ISIDORe 2nd Annual Meeting

The ISIDORe Second Annual Meeting was held on May 29, 2024 in Brussels, Belgium. The event started with a welcome and introduction by Jonathan Ewbank, head of ERINHA, followed by Mathilde Monges from Inserm Transfert discussing Project Management (WP1). Audrey Richard from ERINHA then presented on TNA (TransNational Access) activities (WP2 & TNA WPs), highlighting key accomplishments and challenges. Representatives presented the following Work Packages: Semeli Platsaki (WP7), David Morrow (WP15), and Sarah Marsh Arnaud (WP16).

Presentations continued later on JRA (Joint Research Activities, WP2). Romain David from ERINHA discussed enabling FAIR and protected data (WP3), emphasizing the importance of data management and accessibility. Asrar Ali Khan from Infrafrontier covered a multidisciplinary approach for QM, data, ELSI, training, and user satisfaction measures (WP4).

Dylan Bonfils from ERINHA addressed Communication and Outreach (WP5) as the project enters its final phase and will have to redirect its dissemination strategy. Müge Ogrunc from Institut Pasteur and Sascha Trapp from INRAE discussed ISIDORe as a permanent research instrument for the ERA (WP6), focusing on long-term sustainability and integration within the European Research Area.

Audrey Richard returned to outline priorities for the final year of the ISIDORe project, stressing the need for focused efforts on key deliverables. The meeting concluded with notes from the Project Officer (TBC) and final remarks by Jonathan Ewbank. The conference successfully reviewed the progress and set the direction for the project’s final phase, fostering collaboration and strategic planning.