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ISIDORe 1st Annual Meeting

ISIDORe’s 1st Annual Meeting, held in Paris, France in March, marked a significant milestone in the project’s lifetime and our efforts to reinforce pandemic preparedness. Over the course of two days, representatives from the project’s 17 main members and its advisory boards, along with officials from European institutions and agencies, gathered to discuss the progress that has been made towards the shared goal of enhancing global resilience against future pandemics. The first day was a mixed format, allowing hundreds of people to follow online.

The event was a resounding success, with participants praising the fruitful discussions, collaborative spirit, and tangible progress made during the meeting. The high-level representation and diverse expertise of attendees created a rich environment that encouraged innovative ideas and constructive dialogue.

Highlights from the Annual Meeting included keynote speeches by renowned experts in the field of public health and infectious diseases, as well as from our sister project By-COVID, providing valuable insights into complementary European initiatives. Panel discussions and workshops enabled in-depth exchanges on best practices and lessons learned, including across the other large-scale research infrastructure projects CanServ and AgroServ. The sharing of successful user case stories and practical experiences furnished concrete examples of how ISIDORe has already contributed to pandemic preparedness research and innovation, through provision of cutting-edge technologies.

The event provided a platform for fruitful networking and strengthened partnerships among the members, fostering trust and mutual understanding. The exchange of ideas and experiences during formal sessions as well as informal interactions during breaks and networking events promoted synergies and laid the foundation for future collaborations.

In conclusion, the ISIDORe 1st Annual Meeting was a resounding success, welcomed by all participants. The event highlighted the commitment of project members and EU institutions to strengthening pandemic preparedness, as well as their shared desire to foster a global response to future health crises. The results of the meeting provide a solid basis for further collaboration and progress in the quest for a safer and more resilient world.

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Overview of ISIDORe, origins and current state by Audrey Richard, Head of Operations, ERINHA

European Health Emergency Preparedness and Response by Wolfgang Philipp, Deputy Head of HERA

Be Ready, Pandemic preparedness partnership by Hervé Raoul, ANRS-Mie BE-READY coordinator

The role of European RIs in crisis preparedness and response. How to ensure effective EU support? by Dominik Sobczak, Deputy Head of Unit, DG RTD

Linking BY-COVID and ISIDORe by Niklas Blomberg, Elixir DG, BY-COVID coordinator

ISIDORe user case stories:

X-ray studies of new AT1001 derivatives

Anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibody characterization

Multiscale 3D imaging of SARS-CoV-2 infected hearts

Malaria parasites in the mosquito

Early Regulatory Advice

Panel discussion: EU INFRASERV actions, opportunities and challenges
Moderator: Jonathan Ewbank, ERINHA DG, ISIDORe coordinator
Participants: Dominik Sobczak (DG RTD), Andreas Holtel (REA), Audrey Richard (ERINHA), Andrea Wutte (CanSERV), Michel Boer (AgroSERV).