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Data driven innovation in infectious diseases

The BY-COVID project organises a virtual event to identify opportunities for data driven innovation in infectious diseases, join a network of specialists and explore potential collaborations with the BY-COVID project, on Tuesday 24 January, 13:00-15:00 CET.

​​This virtual event is organised under the EU project BeYond-COVID (BY-COVID), a project that aims to provide comprehensive open data on SARS-CoV-2 and other infectious diseases across scientific, medical, public health and policy domains. Under this initiative, we are providing a virtual space for BY-COVID partners to engage with industry communities and ensure that we can find collaborative solutions for making COVID-19 and other infectious disease data available for innovation.


13:00 Introduction/Setting the scene (Kathi Lauer, Scientific Lead BY-COVID project)

13:10 Session 1: Three examples of public-private collaborations (10 minutes each):

1. Building collaboration in translational medicine infrastructures (David Morrow, Senior Scientific Programme Manager at EATRIS ERIC, Amsterdam, NL)

2. BY- COVID public-private collaboration (Johan Rung, Senior Scientist at SciLifeLab Data Centre, Uppsala University, Sweden)

3. Standardised quality of diagnostics as key factor to improve quality of primary data to monitor COVID-19 (Kurt Zatloukal, Professor at Medical University of Graz and Qiagen, Austria)

13:40 Session 2: Flash talks – Approaches to data driven innovation in infectious diseases and how open resources, like the COVID-19 Data Portal, contribute

1. Machine learning for clinical management problems (Ricard Gavaldà, researcher and co-founder of Almalfi Analytics, Barcelona, Spain)

2. The role of data for enhanced pandemics management and resilience (Sofia Tsekiridou Netcompany – Intrasoft Technologies)

3. A Helping Hand: Annotation of the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset for the Scientific Research Community (Jane Lomax, Head of Ontologies at SciBite, BioData Innovation Centre, UK)

4. The FAIR Cookbook (Philippe Rocca-Serra, Senior Director for FAIR Data Collaborations, AstraZeneca, UK and Susanna Assunte Sansone, Associate Professor, Department of Engineering Science; Associate Director, Oxford e-Research Centre)

14:10 Break

14:15 Session 3: 30-min break-out rooms discussions focused on the industry experience and needs in data-driven innovation in infectious diseases

14:45 Break-out room debriefs

14:55 Wrap up and what is next: Innovation and SME forum (late 2023)

Registration is now open!