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BSL4ZNET International Conference 2022

The overarching theme is « Forging ahead stronger: Strengthening zoonotic disease preparedness  » The conference will consist of a series of virtual sessions between September 8 and October 13, 2022.

The BSL4ZNet encourages participation from anyone interested in the conference topics, including COVID-19, emerging and re-emerging pathogens, laboratory personnel training, biosafety and biosecurity. Presenters and participants include scientific experts and leading science professionals from government, academia, industry and in non-profit organizations, working in the areas of research, emerging and re-emerging bio-threats, laboratory management, biosafety and biosecurity, science diplomacy and policy. 

More information on each session, including keynote speakers and panelists, is available on the event website.

ERINHA, the ISIDORe coordinator, will held an online conference, dedicated to Emerging and re- emerging pathogens: current research, challenges and future opportunities on September 15th.

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